Mind vis a vis Body
w.r.t. Islam

Philosophy sometimes seems to boil down to who wants to follow whose charisma. In the mind-vs-body issue, the materialist putative statements, does not amount to more than a stubbornness. That is, their kind of religion.

The other extreme, does not seem to be acceptable, either -- from the Islamic standpoint.

A logical statement of anti-materialism, is seeing the world as if all is a hypnagogic illusion. That is, nothing except the senses, telling you that the World is around. They seem to believe the God were testing you in a virtual game, you playing not in the context of other people, but only senses as if striking your neurons.

cf. playing a computer game, with the computer alone, or against a bot herd.

I found that (popular or his) statement of that anti-materialist logic in the book of an author, who interestingly, has a few missions, too. He has a group of followers, he is listing as a muslim, and he is anti-masonic. Thus, we may start questioning, whether he sees people valuing him, as well as those conspiring against him, all, as "non-existent?" How about the list of prophets through history, including the last prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.)?

Islam is setting extensive principles for fairness, not to violate the right of any person. Islam is valuing helpfulness, too. (His bunch of people is interested in such, too, if I remember right.)

If no people, why is he explaining anything? (Well, there is the Islamic rule to act against the wrong. That is, both to get that reward, and to resist being brainwashed, telling is valuable.)

He has books against evolutionism, too. I am anti-evolutionist, too. Although that kind of effort is vauable, then again, I wonder what he thinks about the people who I think exist, but he does not.

Islam is the middle road

I was never any materialist, nor the other excess.

In 1992-3, the (psychology class, PSY411/412) professor who was discussing the issues, told me that "the middle is difficult" but in fact, I find the excesses as hot potatoes. Unholdable.

In 2002, after I had found the book of that author, I told a few that, I find his position excessive. Not that the story is unacceptable philosophically, nor for taste. I could well fit into that, if the world were only a rushing-spree or game, that no actual-human, but only rewardful test-cases exist.

The middle, for me, is the Islamic knowledge of how Allah may hide-or-tell the truth.

Allah does not have to inform all, about all. In fact, Allah has told that upfront in the Quran that, He may shield the truth, for not facilitating the evil people, beyond a certain point. For example, Yasin(36):9 is telling that Allah has set up a barrier in front of, and behind that (sort of) people, such that they may not see even if they look.

That is pointing out that Allah has all the right to show, as well as not to show, the truth of the material. That statement from the Quran is against both the idealist and the materialist excesses.

Allah has His rule, for informing, or not. (Reminding the way a Quantum theorist answered the Einstein statement "the God does not play dice" by stating that "the God knows what He does.")

Both the perceptual and the cognitive is implied -- as we may infer from the rest of the Islamic knowledge. Reinforcing one with the other. The front & behind, suggest the future & past, too. The stubborn evil people, inherently, their history of false biases, color their upcoming falsehood, too.

Why fuel any evil with know-how toward upcoming offenses? Allah has no obligation, to keep showing the World to evil people. For example the famous cases, when evil people wanted to kill, hiding Jesus (a.s.), and Muhammed(s.a.s.), both cases were visually illusory, tricking the senses.

The traitor was seen as if Jesus (a.s.) and executed. Muhammed (s.a.s.) walked away invisibly.

From more of the Islamic knowledge, we may tell that, we start at a humble status w.r.t. seeing (vs. darknesses). Next, depending our path, honest&good vs. stubborn/evil, we have more of the wise sensibility, or vice versa.

& Allah values the curses of the oppressed. For example, I routinely curse the evil (any who) that may try to bewitch the thoughts of people -- theirs is what the original satan does. May Allah short-circuit such evil, such that they may hurt their own evil groups/supporters, although they may think they assault others. That is, they become losers, in both this-world, and the other-world. (The scorpion-to-bite-itself, is popular, that even people who avoid other curses, find sensible.)

Thus, as far as, that author would point out that (atheist) materialism is baseless/unprovable, I agree:

what is material about materialism?

All in all, the issue is returning to the first issue. The main problem of the materialists is being material"ist". That is, they are willing to subscribe to even totally "black box"es, as long as that does not assume the God.

That is, material-truth vs. materialist-anxiety, being quite irrelevant things. Their slogans being in a category of tribal priests who try to "cure" illnesses/shortcomings, by invoking spirits or other pagan [priestly-charisma] stuff.

Islam is big and consistent -- not only this/that isolated issue. (& Islam is with the Quran, the standing miracle.)


A hadith is telling that, the life is first on the 42nd day in the womb.

Furthermore, we know of the pain that will be, when Azrael (a.s.), the death-angel, will pull that out. For a muslim, that pain is lessened, or totally relieved if a good muslim, but the point about taking-the-life-out, is there.

That is the life-body enmeshment during the wordly stay [except sleep].

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